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Why Eclipse RCP E4?

Traditionally eclipse platform has been used to build plugins which are more associated to IDE and development platforms.  Many developers were attracted to quickly port the JDT (Java Development Toolkit) features to support language of their interest.  These reasons were so strong that lead to further projects like XText.

These plugins can be bundled into an light weight applications.  But very little people can see it as Rapid application development platform, that can be used to develop desktop applications at ease.  Though the Eclipse platform is capable of doing so, it is not rightly packaged for it.

Now the emergence of Eclipse E4 architecture provides a huge boost to this lacking capability.  Application.e4xmi based window designing, window builder aided window & wizard designing, EMF based model development has made e4 a huge potential for Rapid Desktop Application platform.

Most RAD tools offer simple conventional application development platform, but these applications cannot scale to become an enterprise applications because of incapability to support fine tuning and extensibility.

E4 RCP platform exposes a huge potential on this space where Desktop application can be build in days and can still be scaled to an enterprise level application.  I have been involved in one such application which was started to support a simple feature, but evolved slowly into an full blown enterprise application in last five years.

Thumbs up to the Eclipse E4 community for elegant solution.  But its long way to go.  Looking forward to contributing to this community sooner.

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