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When I knew it!!!

December 17, 2012 3 comments

                                            The Most expected and the Most feared

It was almost 4AM. My wife woke me up, full of blushing smile; I could literally count her teeth. My mind started to race, expecting the most expected news. She uttered “The result is positive”.

I didn’t react. Defiantly I was happy, but felt my body starting to sweat internally. Slowly I woke up hugged her and conveyed my happiness. But soon started to scold her “I told you not to wake up at this time, you had only 3 hours of sleep for last 2 days. Are you mad?”. She replied “Sorry I have deadline, please allow me only today”.

Soon I returned back to bed, but an unknown feeling started to occupy my mind. Slowly I tried to pull my unsettled mind and started to analyse my behavior. Then I realized it’s the “FEAR”.

Fear of responsibility. Though people say I am relatively a responsible guy, have never cared much about “Being Responsible or Caring”. Even didn’t analyse a lot when deciding on marriage nor planning for child. But when the day actually came, my mind started to think of lots of stuff on same time; Days when I gave tough times to my dad; how my friends and my brother think before dealing with their children; what my cousins say to their parents on their upbringing; and lot more.

It’s the FEAR of failing my FATHER role. Can I be a good father caring about child’s wellness when I dont care of taking care of myself? Can I provide all that I am supposed to provide my child? Do I know to deal with child? Am I ready to running to hospitals where I hate going to?

Somehow my mind started thinking of a “Abhiyum Naanum” and then its climax dialog “With every child a father is also born. Children grow but many fathers fail to grow with them”. My friend Suresh used to say the greatness of this movie, but have failed to notice it. But now……

It was almost 5AM when I got up from bed, to disturb my wifes work and my share my thoughts (Of course, with apologies).

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Patent and community

January 13, 2011 Leave a comment

Yesterday my friend asked me a question, why do people publish “Journals”?  Those geeks spend lot of their time and money to arrive at a great concepts and theory.  They publish it as journals and white papers, which we download from Internet.  What use of it to him?  Why can’t he patent it or copyright it and make money from it.  Isn’t this a obvious question?  You might easily guess, what I, being a open source supporter, might have argued.  Though my friend agreed me over the argument, I was still not convince with my argument points.

Today, another friend was telling me, “Ptolemy said earth is the center of earth, with his justification and Copernicus said sun is the center with other planet revolving around it.  We study both these concepts in school.  If we say Ptolemy theory was incorrect, why do we study?”

I felt this is the striking proof of my first friend’s question.  If Ptolemy didn’t publish his own theory, would that have evolved around 1500 years into a theory becoming base for Copernicus to work on?  We might be one among a group still fighting that earth is flat, and scientist still confused why their air crafts fail practically.

Any theory which is kept within group has highest danger of extinction.  Shared concepts might evolve into a revolutionary concept, with huge constructions over your basement.  Lets prepare our mind to grow as a community.

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Learn to say “NO”

January 12, 2011 Leave a comment

During a one-to-one with my manager, he told me “Learn to say NO”!!! AHHH!!!  An unusual word from a boss.  Let me think when we can say NO at work place.

Gone are the days when “Boss is always right”.  Now boss is also working for the companies betterment.  I believe we have rights to say “No”, when

1.  Realizing his own mistake very late, makes the team stretch.
2.  Innovation; By the name of reducing future problems, introducing new tasks which are not in actual plans.
3.  When he doesn’t save team from external forces.  I.e., If manager has a habit of nodding always to his boss/client, without thinking of teams pressure.
4.  Sitting on head type.
5.  Micro management.
6.  When you had to serve more than one boss.

Good.  Can we say “No” at his face, on the 12th hour of deadline?  Though we have reasons to do so, our point will not be conveyed.  Finish our part fine, as per original plans or what is correct.  Any deviation will give him chance to target us.  “Realizing his own mistake very late”, is a tricky point.  As a teammate we have responsibility to save our team (irrespective difference of opinion).  But, never miss a chance to tell him you did wrong. Doing this diplomatically, will give us extra point on appraisal.  Do not miss any chance during one to one.

When none of this is fruitful, never try to escalate and make a big fuss.  Any manager who shows result(s) are always considered good among management.  We have to lose our reputation if we try to reform.  Easy and best is to change the team or company.

This is based on my experience.

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