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Why Eclipse RCP E4?

Traditionally eclipse platform has been used to build plugins which are more associated to IDE and development platforms.  Many developers were attracted to quickly port the JDT (Java Development Toolkit) features to support language of their interest.  These reasons were so strong that lead to further projects like XText.

These plugins can be bundled into an light weight applications.  But very little people can see it as Rapid application development platform, that can be used to develop desktop applications at ease.  Though the Eclipse platform is capable of doing so, it is not rightly packaged for it.

Now the emergence of Eclipse E4 architecture provides a huge boost to this lacking capability.  Application.e4xmi based window designing, window builder aided window & wizard designing, EMF based model development has made e4 a huge potential for Rapid Desktop Application platform.

Most RAD tools offer simple conventional application development platform, but these applications cannot scale to become an enterprise applications because of incapability to support fine tuning and extensibility.

E4 RCP platform exposes a huge potential on this space where Desktop application can be build in days and can still be scaled to an enterprise level application.  I have been involved in one such application which was started to support a simple feature, but evolved slowly into an full blown enterprise application in last five years.

Thumbs up to the Eclipse E4 community for elegant solution.  But its long way to go.  Looking forward to contributing to this community sooner.

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Welcome change

          Read an article by Mr.Sujatha Rangarajan on a tamil weekly magazine named “கற்றதும் பெற்றதும்”(Meaning: Learned and perceived), at-least 7-8 years ago.  He was trying to explain how the income tax filing process can be simplified and data could be as brief as it could be filled in a post card. His motive was to encourage people to file returns themselves, rather than paying Rs.100 – 200, for middlemen to help in the process of filling the form and standing in queue.

         Last week when I filed my income tax returns online myself, without anyone help, it reminded him, who’s dream has half full filled.  The income tax e-filing site has been simplified to a great extent and hardly took 5-10 mins for me.  I have encouraged my friends to do the same, which would save middlemen brokerage.  
        Brokering has been a serious job for easy job seekers who wants to make easy money.  Applying PAN card, getting EB connection, water connection, driving license, real estate and what not.  All this works on a sentence, “We know the rules and how to bend it, which you cannot do it yourself”.
       Internet has been a great boon to indian community, which offers great potential for common public.  Indian government departments should come-up with good initiatives like this, which saves lot of lazy people from taking up brokering as serious job.
Simplified process and at reachable state.  Lets welcome simplicity and adopt it.


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When I knew it!!!

December 17, 2012 3 comments

                                            The Most expected and the Most feared

It was almost 4AM. My wife woke me up, full of blushing smile; I could literally count her teeth. My mind started to race, expecting the most expected news. She uttered “The result is positive”.

I didn’t react. Defiantly I was happy, but felt my body starting to sweat internally. Slowly I woke up hugged her and conveyed my happiness. But soon started to scold her “I told you not to wake up at this time, you had only 3 hours of sleep for last 2 days. Are you mad?”. She replied “Sorry I have deadline, please allow me only today”.

Soon I returned back to bed, but an unknown feeling started to occupy my mind. Slowly I tried to pull my unsettled mind and started to analyse my behavior. Then I realized it’s the “FEAR”.

Fear of responsibility. Though people say I am relatively a responsible guy, have never cared much about “Being Responsible or Caring”. Even didn’t analyse a lot when deciding on marriage nor planning for child. But when the day actually came, my mind started to think of lots of stuff on same time; Days when I gave tough times to my dad; how my friends and my brother think before dealing with their children; what my cousins say to their parents on their upbringing; and lot more.

It’s the FEAR of failing my FATHER role. Can I be a good father caring about child’s wellness when I dont care of taking care of myself? Can I provide all that I am supposed to provide my child? Do I know to deal with child? Am I ready to running to hospitals where I hate going to?

Somehow my mind started thinking of a “Abhiyum Naanum” and then its climax dialog “With every child a father is also born. Children grow but many fathers fail to grow with them”. My friend Suresh used to say the greatness of this movie, but have failed to notice it. But now……

It was almost 5AM when I got up from bed, to disturb my wifes work and my share my thoughts (Of course, with apologies).

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Language Vs Professional ethics

May 9, 2012 1 comment

For a consultation me and my wife went to a hospital in bangalore. The doctor would be atleast 55+ years and a much experienced person. We, being tamils, my wife started to explain the problem in english. Hardly she uttered 4-5 words, the doctor stopped her and asked her to talk in kanada.

My wife said, “We are from other state, and I am not very fluent in Kanada, I can explain better in English.”

Doc (in kanada): “What are you doing here?”

Wife: “We are working here as…”

Doc (in kanada): “I asked what are you doing here without learning Kananda”…

Wife: “I can talk Sir, not not so good to explain medical issues”

Doc: “How long are you living here?”(still haven’t asked what is the problem)

Wife: “4-5 years”

Doc: “Even a kid will learn kanada in 5 years, cant you?”

Myself: “Sir! but ….”

Doc: “Then will you translate to me? Can you?”

My face couldn’t hide anger. He too didn’t miss much of it and his response was (in English, first and only time) “Why are you getting furious? If i come to your place and talk in Kanada, will you or your people be ok? Talk in kanada, i will hear” (was wondering whether my wife spoke any Tamil words)

My wife calculating my next move stopped me with a gesture, then calmly she said, “I may make lot of mistakes, you may not understand the problem”.

(again in kanada)”You make any number of mistakes, i am ready to hear, and i will correct you, now tell me”. My wife started to explain in her half cooked kanada…

Love for mother tongue is quite natural and this gesture is common for hosts of any state in India. My friends have experienced the same with a Policemen years ago. Not for living in bengaluru, but seriously agree that we(my wife & myself) should learn Kanada, for understanding & appreciating the beauty of our co-dravidian language.

But a life saving “Doctor”, who is supposed to save people from pain, Can he do this even WITHOUT listening the patients problems?

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Why DSLR? – Camera Sensors

March 20, 2011 3 comments

Friends, lot of us have a doubt why should we go for DSLR. In this post, will try to tell you about one of the basic difference I have learned, that makes DSLR special. Image Sensor Size. Respecting Suresh and Venkat’s comments on my last post, I will try my best to stick-on to lay-man terms.

Digital SLR cameras uses sensors to record image, just a replacement for photo films to capture the image. So, we expect what ever the 35mm films used to record, to be recorded on our camera, isn’t it? But thats not the case. The sensor size make the difference. Look at the below image.

Full frame vs DX - APS Camera

Cropping factor of DSLR cameras

Lets say the rounded frame is what a camera sees through its lens. The larger rectangle is what the SLR(film) camera registers, and so the same is captured by the professional DLSR cameras. And because of that reason, the high-end DSLR cameras are also called “Full Frame DSLR”. Can you see the inner rectangle? this is what semi-professional & few basic DSLR camera (like my D5000) can register.

So, what you get is a cropped image of original. Lets say we have a professional 5Mega pixel DSLR camera & a basic 5 Mega Pixel DSLR camera, and we are taking same object. Though you get same resolution image, you can see a outer portion is cropped, because, the remaining portion is digitally enlarged (digital zooming effect). And as a result chances of getting a noisy image is more.

If so, then whats the status with Point & Shoot and Mobile cameras? Look at the below image, the inner most rectangle is what you got to see in mobile camera & second inner rectangle is what you see in point & shoot camera.

DSLR Vs Point Shoot & Mobile camera sensor recordings

DSLR Vs Point Shoot & Mobile camera sensor recordings

Sensor sizes make a huge difference, between cameras. Now we have discussed one of the reasons why we find many noisy images on our mobile/point & shoot cameras. Suresh & Venket, let me know if you still find too technical.

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10X Fooled

March 4, 2011 5 comments

Friends, one of the main parameters we look at when buying a digital camera is the number of “X” optical zooms.  Isn’t it?  I recently learned a hard truth.  We have been FOOLED by the marketing strategy, so far!!!
We all have learned in high school physics that image magnification is based on the focal length of the lens.  Nothing has changed from that.  All the lens have focal length written on the side like 18mm-55mm, or 50mm-80mm etc (even for point & shoot camera).  So, in camera world the X calculation is,

X =  (maximum focal length – minimum focal length) / minimal focal length;

ie., for 18mm-55mm lens,

X = (55 – 18) / 18  = 2 (approx)

Nikon 18mm - 55mm DX lens

If so, for a 600mm-600mm lens, X = 1; isn’t it?  So, does it mean it is not providing any magnification?

Nikon 600mm lens

The camera manufacturers has changed the whole theory and have their own way of representing a attractive “X” values, especially for point and shoot camera.  Are it you curious to know what these guys mean?  For that we have to know focal length equivalence factor.  This number is based on the lens each camera brand uses, and in turn means they define it themselves.

So, Maximum focal length = Magnification factor (X number) * focal length equivalence

Now we have to find the focal length equivalence for the camera.  Many popular brands follow either 28mm or 35mm focal length.  For writing this blog I was going through few point & shoot camera specifications.  Found that Nikon and Canon camera specs have this focal length equivalence number on somewhere easily missable part of their specs within a bracket.  Other brands like Olympus doesn’t care to publish this info on the specs.

Nevertheless, now you know how to find that with X value and Maximum focal length (found on lens side).  Don’t go by just X value.  Next time I will try to come up with some truth about MP (Mega pixel).

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Photography, The beginning

February 16, 2011 3 comments

Last weekend was one of the best spent in last few months.  Whoever knows me or have read my first blog would have come to conclusion, that I went somewhere for photoshoot. A small change, this time I went for a Digital Photography workshop, by a well known wildlife photographer and ‘India Nature Watch’ co-founder, Kalyan Varma (  Friends, as per your requests, I am blogging the overview of what happened on those two days.

Saturday, the session started of with a introductory video explaining the political and sensational impact of photography all around the world.  Kalyan has divided the first day session into (a) Science, (b) Art and (c) Equipments.  The morning session (Science) talked about how camera works, whats Aperture, Shutter speed, ISO, Exposure, White balance, Tonal ranges, Metering etc.  Does this list gives a feeling that its too technical, and confusing.  Its not.  Thanks to Kalyan Varma’s amazing presentation skills.  I would be able to explain each of these even if you wake me in my mid night sleep.

Next section was totally from different perspective, Art.  What make a photograph look great, Compositions, Rule of third, lines, curves, colors, space, frames, patterns and … so on.  When I recollect, its amazing how these many concepts are still in my mind.  The last session on day one, was about equipments.  Kalyan spoke about the different camera models, lens, accessories and where to buy them etc.  He gave tips about how to maintain camera too.  There are few surprises.  He also provided us with a goodies bag, with a calendar containing Kalyan’s wild life shots, a T-Shirt (his love for linux shows up as penguin), a small booklet with the concepts explained in morning first section and a CD with useful tools.

The second day started with at 7 AM in Lalbaugh, with hands on experience session.  Kalyan gave couple of assignments to shoot.  He & his associate, Ganesh, mentored us during the session.  It was followed by brief session on portraits.  He had some clever trick up his sleeve.  It was 10, when we came back to hotel for post processing session.  The post processing session was about useful tools that can enhance the photograph.  He also covered few debatable post processing tools.  After that we were given time to do some post processing work with the photographs shot in Lalbaugh.

The most useful session of the day was the critics section.  Each of us were asked to provide 4 of our best photographs (2 taken before workshop and 2 during Lalbaugh session).  The comments were unbiased and straight forward.  The comments contained what made it a great photograph or what would have made it a great photograph or why the photograph didn’t make impact.  At last, he spoke about photography for our future; Ways of exploring the photography skills and utilizing the photography for the community.

My mind was full of ambitious thoughts during my return back journey to home.  Guys, watch out for my 2012 calendar.  I am aiming at bring in a brief emotion when you flick the pages every month.  Let me hold the secret about the theme.  But for sure, it will not be butterflies, sunsets nor rain.

Sunday hit the bed with a satisfaction about meaningfully spent Rs.6000.

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