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Welcome change

          Read an article by Mr.Sujatha Rangarajan on a tamil weekly magazine named “கற்றதும் பெற்றதும்”(Meaning: Learned and perceived), at-least 7-8 years ago.  He was trying to explain how the income tax filing process can be simplified and data could be as brief as it could be filled in a post card. His motive was to encourage people to file returns themselves, rather than paying Rs.100 – 200, for middlemen to help in the process of filling the form and standing in queue.

         Last week when I filed my income tax returns online myself, without anyone help, it reminded him, who’s dream has half full filled.  The income tax e-filing site has been simplified to a great extent and hardly took 5-10 mins for me.  I have encouraged my friends to do the same, which would save middlemen brokerage.  
        Brokering has been a serious job for easy job seekers who wants to make easy money.  Applying PAN card, getting EB connection, water connection, driving license, real estate and what not.  All this works on a sentence, “We know the rules and how to bend it, which you cannot do it yourself”.
       Internet has been a great boon to indian community, which offers great potential for common public.  Indian government departments should come-up with good initiatives like this, which saves lot of lazy people from taking up brokering as serious job.
Simplified process and at reachable state.  Lets welcome simplicity and adopt it.


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