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Language Vs Professional ethics

For a consultation me and my wife went to a hospital in bangalore. The doctor would be atleast 55+ years and a much experienced person. We, being tamils, my wife started to explain the problem in english. Hardly she uttered 4-5 words, the doctor stopped her and asked her to talk in kanada.

My wife said, “We are from other state, and I am not very fluent in Kanada, I can explain better in English.”

Doc (in kanada): “What are you doing here?”

Wife: “We are working here as…”

Doc (in kanada): “I asked what are you doing here without learning Kananda”…

Wife: “I can talk Sir, not not so good to explain medical issues”

Doc: “How long are you living here?”(still haven’t asked what is the problem)

Wife: “4-5 years”

Doc: “Even a kid will learn kanada in 5 years, cant you?”

Myself: “Sir! but ….”

Doc: “Then will you translate to me? Can you?”

My face couldn’t hide anger. He too didn’t miss much of it and his response was (in English, first and only time) “Why are you getting furious? If i come to your place and talk in Kanada, will you or your people be ok? Talk in kanada, i will hear” (was wondering whether my wife spoke any Tamil words)

My wife calculating my next move stopped me with a gesture, then calmly she said, “I may make lot of mistakes, you may not understand the problem”.

(again in kanada)”You make any number of mistakes, i am ready to hear, and i will correct you, now tell me”. My wife started to explain in her half cooked kanada…

Love for mother tongue is quite natural and this gesture is common for hosts of any state in India. My friends have experienced the same with a Policemen years ago. Not for living in bengaluru, but seriously agree that we(my wife & myself) should learn Kanada, for understanding & appreciating the beauty of our co-dravidian language.

But a life saving “Doctor”, who is supposed to save people from pain, Can he do this even WITHOUT listening the patients problems?

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  1. mithran
    May 16, 2012 at 10:28 pm

    Eppadithaan Kalavaram uruvaaguthooo 🙂

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