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Policeman’s point of view

This event dates back a three-four years.  I was standing in chennai railway station’s unreserved ticket counter.   It was a festive season and the queues were quite big and there were approximately 10 people between me and the booking clerk.  An animated guy came down to me with money rolled into a roll, requesting,  “Please Sir, Please get me a ticket to Visakapatinam.  The train starts in next 10 mins, please…”.  I stood thinking for a moment, and stretched my hand, to receive the money.

A policeman appeared from nowhere shouting at the guy, “Aren’t these guys human?  Or doesn’t they have work?”.  The guy took back the money and left the place.  The policeman came to me with harsh words, “Are not you an educated person?  Can’t you find these people are frauds?  These guys would give some 100 rupees and then he will claim that he gave 500 rupees.  This will come to me for panchayat.  I don’t understand what you guys learn at school.”

Was that Policeman correct?  Or am I so ignorant?  Or was the guy genuine.  I will never knew.

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  1. sayee_2k@rediffmail.com
    April 6, 2011 at 9:07 pm

    my view,

    The Police man was correct since he is habituated daily by the incidents created by those stranger’s who tries to make money from others.

    we/new travelers were ignorant as you stated correctly, since we are kindhearted.
    The right brain always thinks first & positively,the reflux action is automatically done by our right hand moving towards him. whereas the left brain thinks with some delay and negatively, before which everything might have happened.

    The Stranger is not a genuine guy, since he has vanished when the police man uttering his repeated words to those who gets trapped in this incident. Also the stranger is cunning & clever too becoz he knows to catch the right fish he wants.

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